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We Found The Man Behind All The Totally Wrong COVID Models ft. Jordan Schachtel | The Liz Wheeler Show
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Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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WATCH: George Santos caught red-handed

This is exactly what the Democratic Party does and supports, but when George Santos allegedly does it it’s wrong? Watch the full episode:

CA is coming for your money

If you are richer than the Left thinks you should be… you’re about to get taxed big time.

A nice bowl of tomato & cricket soup

This is just another way for the Left to control your life in the name of climate change.

Watch the full episode:

Ep. 262: Reacting to the Tyre Nichols Video

The Memphis police released the body cam footage of Tyre Nichols being beaten, and the Left and the mainstream media want it engrained into your mind. Today, Liz reacts to the video, not in an emotional manner, but to discuss the manipulation and exploitation mechanisms the Left uses to achieve their political goals. How should we properly order our response to this video? This is The Liz Wheeler Show.

Ep. 262: Reacting to the Tyre Nichols Video
Ep. 261: George Santos Is a Drag Queen?!

Photos of George Santos dressed up as a drag queen are all over the internet, and the Left is having a field day. Not only is this leading to even more lies from the Congressman, but the Left is using it as fuel for their "make him resign" fire. Liz breaks down why they are so singularly focused on him and whether or not all of these allegations are actually a big deal. This is The Liz Wheeler Show.

Ep. 261: George Santos Is a Drag Queen?!
EMERGENCY EPISODE: Pfizer Admits “Mutating COVID” To Make It More Potent

Project Veritas just released one of the biggest bombshell stories in recent memory, exposing a high-level Pfizer employee admitting that they are considering mutating COVID to make it more potent. Liz breaks down everything you need to know about this insane corruption and why it’s the definition of evil.

EMERGENCY EPISODE: Pfizer Admits “Mutating COVID” To Make It More Potent
Hilarious parody 😂 must read
Damar Hamlin

Some thoughts.

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EGADS, it has taken all this time to get the truth about the vaccines, GOF engineering of the virus , and who is responsible still not held accountable, except by investigative reporters.
What a strange system we have, knowing the truth, who and whats behind it, but no real legal action. Very sad state of affairs, and now we are looking down the throat of nuclear war thanks to the Boondoggle Biden regime of war mongering profiteers, supported by his sycophant lickspittle factions, at home and abroad.
God help us stop these war maniacs before their planned nightmare becomes a reality.

September 23, 2022
Doctors who trans kids should be thrown in prison

Doctors who give mentally ill children dangerous puberty blocking medication & surgically remove the healthy breasts, uteruses, and penises of psychologically distressed adolescents should be thrown in prison.

It's bananas that this needs to be said. Indulge me in this thought experiment.

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